11 Gennaio 2016

Interactive touch tables, the future of catering

Young people are the main consumers in the current. So it is time to create a dining made for them, something interesting and participative to be able to attract them.

The digital technology has been brought in the catering service to create intellective restaurants that make the customer interested and interactive.

Among a wide range of innovative products, Multimedia Restaurants, brand division of Nemes srl, has created a new interactive table for the future of the restaurant business, designed to revolutionize the work environment and approach with customers.

High performance, design and customized size, the most advanced multi – touch screen technology integrated into an exquisite modern furniture make the Multimedia Restaurants interactive table intuitive and funny.

The table of Restaurants Multimedia Interactive looks like a classic table. Inside an LCD screen is inserted with a touch-sensitive surface, which allows further information related to the local menus, allowing the customer to order what he wants to eat in total autonomy, sending his order directly from the table to the kitchen and to the checkout using the internet.
The intuitive operating system, entirely designed by Multimedia Restaurants, allows the customer to easily choose whatever he likes: what to eat, what kind of food, what kind of cooking, what kind of ingredients and the price range. A 360° service which, thanks to interactivity, makes texts, photos, videos and more engaging animations and interesting for those who are ordering food. Interactive galleries and photos, in fact, allow the customer to view the finished dish, encouraging and helping him in his choice. The videos and animation, instead, provide in a simple and fast all the information that in a classical menu would be too long to read.

After ordering, the customer can browse the net or pass the time playing with his guests in a new dimension of being at the table, in a stimulating, fun and playful conviviality. People used to play mobile either await dish come or when they are eating, but now we all play table. It is not boring to wait for dish come anymore. Meanwhile multiplayer online interactive games increase the entertainment and the interaction between the customer and the restaurant.

We can find Multimedia Restaurants touch tables at the “Bottega del tifoso” in Turin, Italy, local done and thought for fans of one of the most important Italian soccer teams. Each of the twelve interactive tables of the restaurant is equipped with a touch screen from which you can choose your menu through a multi language system. Your orders arrive in the kitchen and at the cashier. Each table has an interactive screen. The size of interactive screen are from 32’’ to 55’’ size. Every touch table is equipped with a number of leisure and entertainment services.

It has access the internet to stay up to date on sports scores and inform about the world of the soccer team and it also gives access to a digital games platform to make the situation more playful and experiential.