Virtual World

Virtual tour

With the virtual tour it is possible to show a digitized environment to a visitor remotely. It is possible to define a series of automated or free navigation routes. Within the environments it is possible to insert hotspots with which to provide additional and detailed information about a particular object present in the virtual environment…. View Article

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Virtual Reality – Magic view

Virtual reality visualization is the ideal communication solution for trade shows, museums, events, shops Imagine to be tele-transported into a virtual world and live a unique and engaging experience. This is Magic View, a virtual world built ad hoc to recreate environments where you can interact in real time, free to move in it or… View Article

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Augmented Reality

Display the invisible is now possibile using augmented reality Augmented reality allows to view animated multimedia contents in overlay to a real object.The system is based on a camera which films the real object and transfers the signal to a monitor: a dedicated computer processes the signal received and, recognizing the shape and the image… View Article

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