Magic walk

The interactive floor is the ideal communication solution for fairs, museums, events, shops

With Magic Walk the floor and walls of a museum, an exhibition stand, a store, will change their appearance and animate, turning into fluid elements like water or in a flowery meadow, on which you can interact with your movement.

Animations can be created ad hoc according to the needs of the customer and the desired concept.

Thanks to the technological solution Magic Walk, you can attract attention and promote the client’s product in a fun and unusual way.

Some animations:
• Effect of particles (snow, ice, fruit, popcorn, mosaic, movie, etc. ..)
• Effect follow me (fire, oranges, etc …)
• Effect of water (fish, gold, etc …)
• Fade effect
• Effect game (cars, insects, soccer, hockey, quizzes)
• Corporate Applications
Other available effects customized on request.

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