Business game

The game is the first form of learning that a human being knows since he was a child.
The use of new technologies to develop scenarios related to training is the goal of the Business Game solutions that NEMES proposes to its Customers .

RFID Quiz Team puts in competition different groups within a playing field in which are scattered various interactive systems equipped with RFID technology.
Each team must answer a number of questions that may be different from one another. Only the group that will answer all the questions correctly in the shortest possible time will be the winner of the contest.
The rankings, updated in real time, are a further stimulus to the competitive spirit.

Virtual shooter is a solution that combines the need to respond correctly to a question to the excitement of hitting a digital content on a screen with a ball as a true shooting gallery.
Whether it’s a quiz or animated elements, the game will be even more funny if developed in exhibition contexts or in situations of informal training, to create a synergy between mind and body finlized to create an emotional and experiential imprinting.
Virtual shooter es una solución que combina la necesidad de responder correctamente a una pregunta a la emoción de golpear una pelota con una referencia digital como un verdadero tiro.
Si se trata de una prueba o elementos animados del juego será aún más divertido si desarrollado en contextos de exhibición o en situaciones de formación informal para crear la sinergia entre la mente y el cuerpo con el fin de crear una impresión emocional y experiencial

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