Digital signage

Digital signage is the best digital solution to communicate anywhere and everywhere

Digital Signage provides a type of communication based on the distribution of content and messages, in digital format, on a display device.
The goal is to capture people’s attention with a dynamic communication content that may be of advertising, entertainment or information purposes.
The screens can be constituted by projections or LCD , plasma or LED of small or large format and are defined POV (Point of Visualization ).

According to the purpose (to identify geographic locations or functional aggregates) the POV can be single or in groups
The control and the transfer of information to the POV takes place via a server called CMS (Content Management System), connected to the peripheral device via LAN, intranet or Internet.
The content can be diversified depending on the time slot, so as to speed up communication and significantly customize the information choosed to send .
There are different solutions for both hardware devices ( displays, projectors, totem ) and software, depending on the size of the network of POV to be managed and the functionality required .
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