Special holoscreen projection screens are the ideal communication solution for fairs, museums, events, shops

Holoscreen is the solution that allows to project large thin images in high resolution on a sheet of light plexiglass, ensuring results of the highest emotional and communicative impact.
A polymer film is applied on the surface of the screen ( glass or plexiglass ) and using a video projector you can view images, videos, and photos that result to be surreal and floating thanks to the support particularly ethereal.

This projection surface can be made interactive and acquire different effects depending on usage and setting :

  • Black screen effect, ideal for video content
  • White screen affect, suitable for photographic or textual content
  • Transparent effect for a holographic effect
  • Mirror effect when the image suddenly materializes
  • Piezoelectric effect, to make the screen transparent when not in use

Holoscreen technology yields an essential and refined design that engages and gives the impression of immateriality and uniqueness of communication.

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